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Now Available: Mini Pies!!!  Fruit pie flavors include peach (shown), blueberry, and apple. And they are not only delicious but they are egg and dairy free Deluxe flavors include coconut cream, banana cream  (Dairy and egg free version available), pecan and S'mores pie.

New Things: Recently my afters-school students discovered that I bake, (and cook which is why I there's always some one to share my lunch with whether I want to or not). They asked if I would make them cupcakes. Another sweet child asked me "Ms. Aerial, are snickerdoodles real?" Well our program has 3 different classrooms for a total of 45 children. I couldn't in good conscience only make cupcakes for my 13. So I being the overzealous baker that I am got home after work and baked feverishly. I made and decorated 60 cupcakes (chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla) and 3 batches of cookies (chocolate chip, triple chocolate chip, and of course snickerdoodles). There were mummies and ghost, spider webs and  Frankenstein monsters, there were candy corn swirls. They (and my co-workers) were amazed. and I was so happy that they were pleased. I'm not gonna stop!

Warm feelings: My number one fan and greatest support, my best customer, and my favorite person to watch the neighbors with, is none other than: My Beloved Granny Shelia Mac. She compliments my baked goods and make me feel like the best baker that's ever graced the earths crust. Every time she calls me, every time she comments on a post, and every heart emoji she text, makes me feel like I can always make it. I love her soooooo very much. and I dedicate every apple crumble pie to her #IDontPlayAboutMyGranny #PecanPieWithGranny

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