Growing up we got a raw deal.

My momma didn’t buy Oreos. No that wasn’t the raw deal. Oreos weren't missed  because my momma would make some of the best baked goods a child could ask for.  Cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, you name it she did it. I distinctly remember her brief obsession with making the perfect biscotti. I was young, just barely a pre-teen, and we ate biscotti.  Because of these baked goods, I was prone to turning my nose up at store bought cookies and boxes of donuts that my fellow classmates would bring to devour between classes. I always judged them in comparison. And eventually, people stopped offering. That was that raw deal I was talking about.

Wanting better options to stave my mild sweet tooth{...}

propelled me gleefully through the halls of my high school with large aluminum pans filled with homemade cookies.  Even my half-sized dorm oven could produce loads of cookies, pies, and other various goodies. I would bake for hours on end to crank out as many goodies as I could muster.  Even in the event that I liked a sweet store bought nom nom, I still would deconstruct it in my mind and think of how homemade would be better. After years of social media post praise and request I grew tired of hearing that I should sell my goods. I decided to finally take the advice and go for it. I got help from a friend with editing beloved hand-drawn logo. I began to formulate and test bake recipes.  My very own dream was coming true and blooming so rapidly. Making creations became a passion, and I could not stop obsessing over ways to get my beloved business growing.


And now here we are…

On this journey together.Me- trying my best to live a dream. you- my beloved co-star.


 WELCOME  what’ll you be having? Make sure its sweet, because life is ALWAYS better with a SWEET TOOTH

Life is Always Better

with a Sweet Tooth


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